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Secrets to Residential Real Estate Development Using Direct Lenders in SoCal Beach Cities.

Luxury Home Financed by Angulus Capital Appears on NFL FIlms Hard Knocks: Los Angeles, Episode 2 In September 2019, Angulus Capital arranged for a $2.9MM loan to complete the luxury home now complete and listed for $5.75MM. The home is featured in Hard Knocks: Los Angeles, by NFL Films.

"Private Debt & Direct Lending: Capturing Opportunities in New Issues or the Secondary Market"
Direct Lending and Private Debt have been the fastest growing segments of the alternative investment industry since the Great Recession in 2008. Then COVID - 19 hit and this market froze up and the Federal Reserve and Central Banks all over the world unleashed an unprecedented wave of liquidity to prevent unnecessary damage to the global economy. The secondary market responded quickly discounting the news. Operators have been slower to accept the new pricing of risk. Time has passed and things have been converging, listen to experts on the front lines as they discuss deals and insights into where things are today and where they see things going over short and intermediate term. This group will discuss and conduct an interactive Q&A session with audience engagement & participation. Join us for a thoughtful conversation that will undoubtedly provide direction to discounts or lack of discounts in new deals getting done.


Key Discussion Point:

·     Are new deals getting done or is there a bunch of secondary market trading going on?

·     What are the discounts in the secondary market?

·     Where are you pricing new deals?

·     Are operators accepting the new pricing? If not do you see this changing and how so?

·     What are the best and worst places to do new deals?