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Angulus Lending Opportunities Fund, LP

Capital is a commodity. Adding value to capital with certainty of execution requires a talented, seasoned, professional team. The Angulus Capital Management team is focused on providing value for our qualified real estate borrowers which drives results for our investors.

Angulus Lending Opportunities Fund, LP is a direct lending real estate fund that primarily originates secured first position, residential bridge loans with interest rates in the 8% to 12% range. Borrowers consist of professional developers with proven track records.

The fund seeks to boost profits and mitigate interest rate and liquidity risks through the strategic sale of loans to secondary market buyers. Some loans are sold at par value while the fund retains a 1% to 2% annualized lender spread for the remaining term of the loan without additional exposure. Capital is continuously recycled into new loans. Total return is a function of the interest earned from loans on balance sheet plus a multiple of residual interest coupons retained from previously sold loans. Investors are offered an 8% annualized preferred return plus an 80% share on net profits above the preferred return. Quarterly distributions and liquidity are available to investors after an initial lockup period.

The Angulus Capital Management, LLC team extracts value from established residential developer relationships. This is accomplished by fostering value added relationships and exceeding client expectations.

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